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Bad design runs its mouth. Good design speaks softly but carries a big stick.

Recent Work


Recipe Spread

For this project I designed a cookbook brand, including a name (Taste of Thrones), appropriate logo, and a base recipe layout template. This is a sample page layout from the cookbook.

UI/UX Design
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Hark App

Hark is a nerdy and detailed scheme for audio dramas, and the implementation in app form turned out to be every bit as nerdy and detailed. Who knew?

No really, it's real

Dave Spade and the Night Monsters

I wrote and illustrated a children's book of dubious quality and questionable entertainment. It's on Amazon and stuff. Illustrations were done with dip pen and ink, then colorized with gouache.


Nexus Magazine

Since this was a layout for a literary and arts magazine, I wanted to keep the focus on the text and images, with lots of margin and white space to avoid visual clutter.


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